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one at central park
one at central park
one at central park
one at central park
The 100

The ONE Show is a celebration of our humanity told in four parts:


Through a seamless choreographed narrative of drumming, interactive light and holography, dance, all culminating in magnificent performances in human flight,  our interactive & immersive show demonstrates in a very powerful and unique way our  interdependence and collective destiny.

The 100 performers selected for the finale of the show FLIGHT are from Brazil, the USA, Canada, China, Russia, Ukraine, the UAE, Poland, Germany, South Korea, Mexico, Australia, Chile, France, the UK, Japan, and Italy. Their individual journeys and personal stories are an intrinsic part of our building community through collaboration and courage. We welcome you to click on the 100 and read each of their stories by hovering over their photo. 

Our hexagonal stage is made to tour, stands 432 feet wide, and is 102 feet high. It is supported by 6 masts, netting, winch houses, equipped with movable flooring, volumetric projection capacity, accommodating 6000 viewers audience per show, per day.


This show is under copyright protection.

Aly Rose is the Creator & Artistic Director of the ONE Show. Her work includes productions for the Beijing 2008 Olympics, the 2010 Shanghai Expo, the New York Symphony Space Theater, the Mark Morris Dance Center, the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra Hall, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Shanghai, and for international art festivals in Brazil, USA, Chile, the UAE, and China. 

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